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Working in the IT industry is a true challenge

With the ever-growing IT complexity and integration of business processes, the continuous transformation of IT has reached levels never seen before and to keep up with all the changes is truly demanding.

This has led to a serious shortage of IT workers with relevant skills and updated knowledge on the changes in the industry who are able to select and implement the right technologies needed to ensure the sustainability of the business for the next 3 to 5 years. The high demand for these skilled IT workers is still growing and becoming more critical than ever before. It is imperative that IT professionals continue updating themselves and provide value to their organisations.

CITM (Certified IT Manager)
CITM is the second course in the EPI IT Training Framework. It is a 3-day course designed to teach the skills, knowledge and competences required of the modern IT specialist working at the senior professional, team-leader, supervisor and management level in IT management.

Passing the CITM exam will earn you the globally recognised CITM certification from EXIN. This certificate proves that you have the competences required to provide leadership and take responsibility for team performances and development in unpredictable environments using innovative methods.  You will be able to place yourselves above your peers, delivering added value to your organisation. 



Get a preview of the CITM course.  Watch the recorded webinar now!



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