CDCS (Certified Data Centre Specialist) Course Sneak Peek

The CDCS training and certification will add great value to your career in this competitive, yet exciting, data centre industry!

CDCS is an advanced course which focuses on the knowledge and criteria to review and make improvements on existing data centre facilities, and to decide on the correct implementation of new data centre facilities. It expands on the knowledge in the CDCP course in full details including some key engineering calculations (fire suppression, batteries for UPS, power, cooling, etc).

It will bring participants to the level of a great sparring partner with suppliers, to review equipment selection and design for correctness, effectiveness and efficiency, thus preventing over/under investment. Vice-versa, it equips vendors’ selling data centre services/solutions/equipment with the same level of knowledge as their customers and enable them to answer questions and propose solutions effectively.

Get a preview of the CDCS course in this short 30-minute webinar.            

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Consultant & Trainer, EPI

Marco has extensive experience in the data centre industry, at both the facility and operational level, in the full data centre lifecycle from design and engineering, construction, operations and retiring of data centres. He has designed and operated 7 commercial data centres in Holland and Belgium using a variety of engineering technologies in areas such as electrical, mechanical, fire suppression and security. He also has another specialisation which is designing facilities for temporary and fixed modular power and cooling infrastructures and migration and replacement of facility assets in a live operational data centre environment without causing any disruption to the IT load. This includes power synchronization with load and/or designing by-pass solutions. Marco's knowledge and experience has earned him great respect among his customers and students.


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