Secret Formula of the EPI Course Development Process

EPI is the world’s largest data centre design and operations training provider, and has been dominating the market since they launched the world’s first data centre course in early 2000. Today, EPI has 12 courses delivered in 14 languages and attended by thousands of data centre professionals all over the world each year. So, how does EPI bring a course from ground zero to the market and what makes EPI courses so widely adopted around the world?

As you probably know, ‘The most expensive training is NO training.  The second most expensive training is WRONG training.’
Get the facts so you can choose wisely and avoid making expensive mistakes. 

Watch on EPI 30 Minutes as we reveal the secrets behind the success of the EPI courses.




EPI Data Center Framework

EPI Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS)

EPI Data Centre Conpetence Framework

EPI Data Center Training Framework

IT Training Framework

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