CRUR Workshop (Free Online Workshop)


One of the biggest - and most overlooked - culprits for data center inefficiency is the oversized and underutilized computer room and ICT environment. 
The CRUR (Computer Room Utilization Ratio) addresses these.  

CRUR is the first of its kind. Many who have seen it, called it a bold innovation. It adds a whole new dimension to data center management and will change the landscape of data center sustainability.

How CRUR benefits you

Used properly, CRUR can help you:

  1. Optimize your data center space
  2. Reduce operational cost
  3. Plan capacity and energy usage
  4. Achieve your sustainability goals in less time
  5. Plan better for future data centers projects by getting the endless oversizing under control. 

CRUR Workshop

Join Edward van Leent, Chairman and CEO of EPI Group, on the CRUR online workshop,
it will be well worth your time! 

You will learn
  1. What is CRUR and why should you care
  2. How does CRUR work
  3. Why it is important
  4. How it can help you with capacity planning, identifying design flaws, design better future data centers
  5. How to use it as part of your overall strategy


The workshop is in 3 parts to make it easier to digest.     

Part 1 - What is CRUR 


Part 2 - How to calculate CRURF 


Part 3 - How to calculate CRURIT 


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