TIA-942-C Release: Live Q&A


Join us for an exclusive follow-up webinar dedicated to addressing your questions from our recent session, “TIA-942-C Release: What Has Changed?”

Due to the overwhelming participation, we received a large influx of questions which we couldn’t address within the allocated time. Many attendees were eager to delve deeper into the TIA-942-C release.


Your questions, answered live!

The speaker and world leading expert on TIA-942, Edward van Leent, has generously agreed to a follow-up webinar, where he will answer the questions raised!

This follow-up webinar promises to be an enlightening and engaging experience, providing you with the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the TIA-942-C directly from the expert himself. Reserve your spot today and ensure that your questions are addressed live!


What to expect:

In this one hour webinar, we’ve meticulously organized the questions from previous webinar, grouping similar questions.  There are 7 categories being -general, telecommunications, architecture, mechanical, electrical , data center certification and professional training/certification.

45 minutes will be dedicated to answering the questions already received, where Edward will systematically addressed the 7 categories of questions raised.

The last 15 minutes is allocated to tackle any follow-on or new questions to ensure participants have the opportunity to gain more value from the live interaction.


Duration: 1 hour 


Special note:

If you missed the initial webinar, we highly recommend watching the recording beforehand to familiarize yourself with the discussion topics. This will ensure that you gain the most value from this follow-up Q&A webinar.

Click here to watch the first webinar.



Edward van Leent,
Chairman and CEO
EPI Group of Companies

Edward has an illustrious career spanning 37 years in the global data center industry. Renowned for his dynamic leadership and visionary approach, Edward has propelled EPI from a UK-based entity to a global powerhouse. He’s deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Despite his demanding schedule, he conscientiously allocates time to meet customers and oversee numerous data center audits at a high level. His hands-on approach underscores his commitment to ensuring quality and enables him to stay closely attuned to customer needs and industry developments, grounding his perspective in real-world insights.

Edward actively contributes to various industry groups and serves on multiple standards committees, one of which is the TR42 committee which maintains the ANSI/TIA-942 standard.




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