Freelance Trainer for CITP, CITS, CITE

EPI is hiring freelance trainer in a variety of countries for our CITP, CITS & CITE courses!  We have received overwhelming response for these training beyond our projection.  In order to fulfil these deliveries, we are inviting interested candidates to apply. 


Freelance trainer for CITP, CITS & CITE. The trainer is expected to be able to deliver the courses in the disciplines applicable.

The following describes the ideal profile;

  • Must have been involved in Information Technology from an operations
    and/or management perspective for:
    • CITP – at least 4 years, position Senior Engineer / Team Leader
    • CITS – at least 5 years, position IT manager
    • CITE – 6+ years and above, position IT manager / Senior IT manager
  • Must possess a good knowledge of:
    • CITP – Systems engineering, basic project management and service management
    • CITS – CITP requirement, and application management and basic IT governance aspects
    • CITE – CITS requirement, and IT strategy, common business processes
  • Energetic, flexible and motivating personality
  • Must be willing to travel
  • Good command of the English language
  • Additional languages would be a bonus to conduct courses in local territory
  • International experience would be a bonus
  • Training experience would be a bonus

How to apply

Please email your resume together with an introduction letter explaining why you would like to apply for this position and which unique skills/experience you bring to the table which would be an asset to EPI. The introduction letter should also indicate a remuneration expectation.

Please verify that you have the required experience in the disciplines by reviewing the course outlines: CITP, CITS.  (CITE will be released in 2017.) 

Please submit the required information to:

Shortlisted candidates will be notified by e-mail and phone. Please indicate the preferred telephone number and time. Individuals who do not receive a phone or call within a 4 weeks from the day of submission of his/her resume can assume that EPI is not considering the candidate for the position.


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