The Company

EPI is a global data center expert company of European-origin. We are the world leader in data center training and certification, as well as data center audit and certification for facility and operations. With over 37 years of experience, we operate worldwide in over 60 countries and 130 cities through direct operations and a large partner network.


The Position

As a data center auditor at EPI Europe, you'll be the critical eye assisting our clients in enhancing their data center facilities and operations. You are the bridge that translates intricate analyses into clear reports, playing an essential role in our mission to maintain the industry's highest quality standards and to assist customers in reducing their risk profile.



Various locations across Europe. 


Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze and interpret onsite situations relative to pertinent standards.
  • Conduct audits and produce accurate and clear non-conformity reports.
  • Continually liaise with clients and internal teams to ensure the delivery of top-quality outcomes.



  • A minimum of 5-10 years of hands-on experience in data center facilities and/or operations.
  • The ability to rapidly and accurately analyze and interpret situations within the relevant standards and within the scope of the audit.
  • Proficient command of English, both written and spoken; additional languages are an advantage.
  • Knowledge and experience of international standards such as TIA-942, EN50600 and ISO22237 are a plus.
  • Strong reporting skills, capable of translating complex analysis into lucid reports.
  • Experience in conducting internal or external audits as a lead auditor (e.g., ISO 27001, 9001) is a plus.
  • Candidates must hold a valid passport from one of the European Union countries.


What We Offer

  • A unique opportunity to be part of a globally operating knowledge-driven company in the data center sector.
  • Support, training, and collaboration with a global team of industry experts.
  • Flexible work schedules.
  • A competitive remuneration package.


How to Apply

If you're driven to excel and eager to contribute to the pinnacle of expertise in the data center realm, please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@epi-ap.com.

Prospective candidates will be notified by e-mail. Please indicate the preferred email address. Individuals who do not receive an email within 6 weeks can assume that EPI is not considering the candidate for the position.


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