The Role of Data Centres in Smart Communities

Synopsis of presentation

Present and future of the data centres and how the Caribbean region is adapting to the new world services.  

  • Overview of the world digital transformation
  • What are the needs of the global giants in a local environment
  • The capabilities of the Caribbean to be the local hub for the global giants 
  • The capabilities of the Caribbean local suppliers to deliver value-added services
  • Case Study: “TSTT – from a local telecom supplier to a regional supplier with world-class standards
    • TSTT in the past
    • TSTT present and future
    • TSTT achievements:
      • TIA-942 certification
      • Operations Certification
      • Staff Trained and Certified 
      • Green Data Center certification,….
    • New portal to bring services from any worldwide vendor to anyone in Caribbean easy and fast


Meet the speaker

Joseba Calvo
Managing Director, EPI LATAM

Joseba is an international data center professional and successful businessman who is the co-founder of several successful data center companies. He has more than 15 years experience in various roles including project management for the construction of data centre and management of IT services for hundreds of companies worldwide.

Joseba holds many international certifications for data centre design, build, governance, operations, migration, standards and compliance; such as the CDCE®, CTDC® and CTIA® (ANSI/TIA-942), CDFOM®, CDMS®, CDRP®, CITM®.  He is also experienced on ISO/IEC 9000.  A dynamic person with a wealth of experience, Joseba has been invited to present in dozens of conferences worldwide and in private events for his expert knowledge on data centres and mission critical sites.


Session details

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017
11:30 – 12:30
Fillmore 12
Session 7: Smart Communities - Reimagining the Partnerships between Governments and Businesses 


See you at CANTO! 



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