EPI releases a new training course: CDMS® - Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist.

Singapore, June 14th 2013, EPI releases a new training course: CDMS® - Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist.

EPI today released a brand new course “Certified Data Centre Migration Specialist - CDMS®”. This course has been developed based on the needs from our end-users in the Data Centre industry where organizations have been having ever increasing requirements to relocate their existing data centre in a safe and secure manner whilst minimising the business impact during the move.

“A large portion of our existing customers have indicated that they need to relocate their data centre to a new location” said Mr Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of the EPI Group of Companies.  Moving a data centre is a very complicated process where risks for safety, security and potential business impact should not be underestimated. Moving a data centre is typically much more difficult than building a greenfield data centre as moving a data centre normally has to be done in a tight window of downtime or sometimes downtime is not even allowed. “We therefore decide to release our CDSM® course to support these organizations to provide them a comprehensive methodology which will allow them to reduce the risk of a data centre move. The trainers have extensive experience which will perfectly compliment the value of this course.

For further details information about course content, please view http://www.epi-ap.com/images/pdf/CDMS.pdf

The new CDMS® will be rolled out progressively to all locations in which EPI conducts training direct or via partners starting Q3-2013. Please contact EPI at ‘ support@epi-ap.com’ for details.

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