The EPI IT Training Framework – Part 2 of 4 | CITP – Certified IT Professional

The EPI IT Training Framework – Part 2 of 4  
CITP – Certified IT Professional

Published on February 17, 2017

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In this follow-up to Part 1, we will answer some of the common questions we have received about CITP:

·      What is the course about?

·      Who will benefit?

·      How does it related to the European e-Competence Framework?

Based on hundreds of surveys and research taking place globally, it is concluded that many IT entry level executives do not meet of today’s and future industry requirements. A lack of competence will lead to inefficiency, in-effectiveness and put organizations at risk and hence, the need for education is an absolute must.

Furthermore, entry level IT workers tend to focus too much on their own scope of work, not understanding how other IT functions contribute to the organization and how the area under their scope is interfacing and impacting other IT functions. This has resulted in so-called ‘silo engineering’, losing track of the bigger picture.  This will impact the organization greatly due to wasting time and money therefore eroding revenue opportunities, reducing margin whilst at the same time creating more risk, all of which are undesirable for any professional organisation.

CITP is the perfect solution to these concerns and is adding value to all IT executives with a need for a strong foundation of IT skills and competences.

CITP is the first course in the EPI IT Training Framework. Mapped to the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF), it is aligned with proficiency levels 1 and 2, addressing the needs of IT professionals working at the engineering level. Therefore, the course is very well suited for system administrators/engineers, network administrators/engineers, software programmers/engineers and helpdesk/service desk officers up to 2-3 years of working experience.

CITP adds value in developing competences of IT personnel which is more in line with the demands of the industry. The course is not pure technical, it uses common-sense language translating business requirements to IT, bridging the gap which exists in many organizations. It delivers fundamental knowledge and information based on industry standards and best practices such as ISO, NIST and BS-EN.

Contrary to many entry level IT courses, CITP teaches the participants to apply instead of memorizing the facts, preparing candidates for all-round IT responsibilities, addressing challenges faced by all IT organizations.

Being a very practical course, it is using plenty of real world scenarios participants can immediately relate to and apply to their current job role. The knowledge will quickly assist them practicing their competences in a professional environment. This will enable the participants to integrate quickly and easily into the IT team and projects, saving their managers time and effort to explain the fundamentals required. Therefore, it is also a perfect course for the IT orientation program for junior new hires.

The course is vendor neutral and candidates passing the 40 questions multiple-choice exam will receive the globally recognized CITP certificate, accredited by EXIN.

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