Uptime vs. TIA-942: Introduction, why this series of articles?

Uptime vs. TIA-942: Introduction, why this series of articles?

Published on May 8, 2017

Edward van Leent
Chairman & CEO at EPI Group of Companies

During a recent one month tour throughout the USA and Asia I had the pleasure to meet numerous data centre owners/operators, consultants and end-users to talk about data centre trends and the challenges they are facing. During those conversations, we also discussed quality benchmarks for data centres facilities including the various standards and guidelines.

I started spotting a clear trend that there is a lot of misperception about data centre facilities benchmarking in relation to ANSI/TIA-942 vs. Uptime. Some of those misperceptions are based on outdated information as some customers didn’t keep up with the developments in that space as well as deception, created by some parties not representing the facts truthfully either by ignorance or intentionally for commercial reasons.

It was clear to me that the market needs to be updated on what is happening, this including the true facts of the matter. That’s what brought me to the idea of writing a few articles about this subject matter to ensure the market gets appropriate, fact based and updated information. I will address in a series of articles a variety of aspects and I hope that this will contribute to a more clear and fact based picture of the current situation and it will hopefully answer any question you might have regarding this subject matter. If you have any suggestions in terms of topics to be covered then please feel free to drop me a note at; edward@epi-ap.com. 

Stay tuned…


Article 1 | Uptime vs. TIA-942: Introduction, why this series of articles?

Article 2 | Uptime vs. TIA-942: A short history

Article 3 | Uptime vs. TIA-942: Standard or guideline?

Article 4 | Uptime vs. TIA-942: What is within the scope?

Article 5 | Uptime vs. TIA-942: Outcome based or checklist or can it be both?

Article 6 | Uptime vs. TIA-942: Uptime certification is easy, ANSI/TIA-942 certification is difficult


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