The Future of Data Center Operations: A Quality Management Framework/System with a Maturity Level Approach


Studies indicate that human error accounts for a staggering 70-85% of data center downtime.

This alarming statistic should be a cause for concern for any business relying on data centers, and which business isn’t in today’s world?

Yet, it is surprising that many businesses seem unconcerned about this issue.


When speaking to data center managers globally, a common line emerges: "Our data center has no issues; we have all the processes and procedures in place." However, if that were true, why do numerous data centers still experience downtime caused by human error? How is this possible when more and more data centers are being certified for ISO, SOC2, HIPAA, and other standards?

The truth is that conventional approaches to data center management are not sufficient. And NO, implementing AI solutions and automation will not solve the issue when the underlying challenges are not addressed.

Join us in this webinar as we delve into the true causes of downtime incidents caused by human errors. We will unveil the unique Quality Management Framework/System for Data Center Operations (DCOS). This unique data center management framework/system covers all aspects of data center operations, providing a comprehensive solution.

The best part is that you can immediately enhance your data center operations by utilizing the information gained from this webinar.


3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn which 11 disciplines you need to have under management control to minimize the risk of downtime.
  2. Learn how to identify the maturity level of your data center operations.
  3. Learn which actionable steps you can take right away to implement a quality management system specifically aimed at data center operation



Welcome - Jan Willem Mooren, CTO, EPI Group

The Future of Data Center Operations – Dean Coetzee, COO, EPI Group

Q&A - Dean Coetzee & Jan Willem Mooren



Dean Coetzee, Chief Operating Officer, EPI Group

With over 22 years of extensive commercial experience in the data centre and IT industry, Dean Coetzee boasts a rich background in this field.  His expertise spans operational and sales management. Recognized for his dynamic and determined personality, Dean is known for efficiently tackling challenges and consistently achieving results. His wealth of experience covers diverse regions from Africa, to Europe, Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific.   Dean was a co-founder of DX Platforms, pioneering modular data center technology. Under his leadership as CEO, DX Platforms rapidly emerged as a leading Australian developer, achieving remarkable success by expanding its reach across Asia and establishing itself as a key consulting contract manufacturer for the data centre industry.  Within a short span of 8 years, DX Platforms achieved a major milestone by securing a listing on the ASX, underscoring Dean’s strategic leadership.


Q&A Panel Expert

Jan Willem Mooren, Chief Technology Officer, EPI Group

Jan has an extensive 35-year career in the IT and data center sector, reflecting unwavering commitment to advance the industry.  His vast expertise spans a broad spectrum from training, consulting, auditing to leadership roles in business as well as projects.  Jan has played a key role in developing the data center and IT training curriculum.  He is also the Chairman of the committee which wrote the released the world’s first complete data center operations standard, the DCOS. Jan was instrumental in the development DCOS, and is highly regarded as a leading subject matter expert.

He has demonstrated exceptional leadership by engaging team members and gathering valuable contributions, delivering project outputs that are well-documented, comprehensive and of top notch high quality project.  Known for his intellectual prowess, love for challenges and a laser focus on goals, Jan has been instrumental in delivering project outputs that have shaped the growth of the industry.





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