Reprinting Of Certificate

Certificate holders can request for a reprint of their certificate in case their Certificate has been misplaced or lost. To request a reprint the certificate holder need to supply enough information to EPI to make the original Certificate status traceable. This can be done by supplying information such as the email address registered at the time of taking the exam and/or the certificate number etc.

Reprinting of the Certificate is chargeable at USD 75.00 per reprint. This includes mailing the certificate by registered mail to the address recorded in our database. Should the Certificate Holder want to have the reprint mailed by courier, then the courier charges will be added to the total amount payable. EPI is at no time responsible for lost or damaged Certificates as this is not within our control and hence subsequent reprints requested due to damaged or lost Certificates will be charged again at the above mentioned rates.

Reprinting of Certificates will only start when the full net amount is received by EPI. Bank and other charges are the responsibility of the person requesting the reprint and should be added to the amount being transferred. Reprinting of the Certificate takes approximately 2-4 weeks after receipt of the full amount in our account.

To request for a reprint, please send an email to:


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