Until now, organizations delivering data center services focused on building highly resilient facilities by designing redundancy at various levels typically in accordance with standards such as ANSI/TIA-942*, ANSI/BICSI-002* and others. However, many organizations have come to realize that without having adequate processes and maintenance programs the availability levels would be seriously impacted and “erode” the investment made in the data center facility.

This standard has been written to provide organizations with a structured approach forservice delivery to the users of their data center services. It will enable the data center owner/operator to have a controlled and structured approach for operations and maintenance, ensuring that the investment in the data center is safe-guarded. Implementing DCOS® will enable the organization to deliver services which are well defined and have a consistent level of quality. This standard is the first available in the market for data center governance, operations and maintenance.

This DCOS® - Data Center Operations Standard has been prepared by a global committee spanning various industries and countries under the leadership of EPI®.

Standards are living documents and as such revisions will occur over time to further enhance this standard based on data center service providers’ feedback as well as new trends, technologies, methodologies and other influencing factors to this standard.