Service Improvement Process (SIP)

The organization should conduct a regular review to ensure that the services it is offering stay relevant and appropriate for its customers and/or the market it wishes to address from a business perspective.

The input for the SIP (Service Improvement Process) should, at a minimum, be based on customer surveys, scorecards, complaints and internal reviews. For data centers providing general services such as cloud providers etc. it should include market analysis.

The review should at least address the following:

1) Are the service offerings still relevant and appropriate or should they be changed?
2) Are there any new capabilities or requests from either new or prospective customers that should be considered as new service offerings?
3) What are the new market trends and should they be considered as part of the future service portfolio?
4) Feedback from the ‘e.g. Customer Satisfaction Survey, Scorecards’.
5) Are any of the existing services up for retiring within the foreseeable future?
6) Were any non-compliances/conformities reported against any of the current service offerings and have they been adequately addressed?
7) Are there any new laws, codes and/or regulations which might impact the current service offerings?
8) Are the commercial and legal terms and conditions still appropriate?
9) Are the requested new/changed services feasible and commercially viable?
10) Are there potential risks that may impact to existing services?

Proposed service changes should be managed through the change management process as described in section 16.8 Change management.