Skills Matrix

The organization should maintain a skills matrix which indicates in detail which skills the organization should have in order to deliver the services described in the service catalogue and meet the service obligations committed to in the service level agreements with its customers. Where appropriate, the organization should include the RACI (Responsibility, Accountability, Consulted, Informed) matrix.

The organization should review the skill matrix for its balance of skills across multiple staff and identify potential risk factors.

The skills matrix can have different classifications for the various levels of expertise required e.g. Professional, Specialist, and Expert. Where the skills matrix uses classifications to indicate different competence levels, a supporting description should exist indicating the expected competencies required for each skill classification. Classifications can be generic across all areas or apply to a particular category and/or specific area. A simple example is available in section 23 Appendix-C: Example skills matrix (Informative).

An appropriate way of building a skills matrix is to start by identifying what is required and only then to map it to individual staff members. Additional skills of individuals can be considered opportunities for potential future services but should only be added to the skills matrix as a service after the organization has researched and committed to supplying the services.