Scope and Application of this Standard

The scope of this standard are all operational disciplines required within a data center environment. This includes governance, policies and procedures based on the EPI Data Center Framework©.

This standard does not address the location and the physical aspects of the data center. However, some parts of the text within this document, may refer to and address some of the physical aspects to enhance the understanding of the operational complexities interacting with parts or components of the physical infrastructure.

The data center location can have a major impact on its ability to provide resilient, sustainable and cost-efficient services. Before deciding on the final location, the data center investor/owner/operator should perform site selection based on its business requirements. This should at least include technical, commercial and legal reviews of the location options including workforce and support capabilities of suppliers in order to ensure the site is suitable to provide the facilities and basis of the services required.

The organization should regularly review the data center location and its associated risks as per the risk management policies and procedures.