Notification Matrix and Event Response Plan

All monitoring matrices should be linked to the notification matrix. The notification matrix links alarm events to the operations teams ‘event response plans’ which indicates what actions to take and what mode of notification is required as well as the contacts to be notified.

Special consideration should be given to the number of notifications and to whom notifications are sent. Notifications should be relevant as too many notifications will potentially lead to a reduced alertness/response.

The notification matrix should detail at a minimum the following:

  1. Unique name of the alarm which triggers the event.
  2. Notification response plan.
  3. The notifications method(s) for each event (e.g. log-file, text message, email, alarm screen).
  4. Contact group/person(s) details for each notification method.
  5. Time windows for notification (e.g. senior management within n hrs/min).