Cooling towers


  1. Inspect all equipment to be operating and safety systems are in place.
  2. Inspect water flow.
  3. Inspect control and alarm panels.
  4. Inspect abnormal noises and vibration (whilst adhering to safety requirements).



  1. Physically clean the screen of all debris.
  2. Inspect water quality; (e.g. chemical dosing, dissolved solids).
  3. Inspect float or electronic switch for make-up water.
  4. Inspect fans and pumps (e.g. vibration, noise, power consumption).
  5. Inspect for loose fill, connections, leaks, rust, corrosion, etc.
  6. Inspect all belts and pulleys and adjust as needed.



  1. Inspect blowdown and chemicals (closed water tower).
  2. Inspect motor supports and fan blades (e.g. excessive wear, secure fastening).
  3. Inspect motor alignment and coupling.
  4. Inspect drift eliminators (e.g. positioning, louvers, scale build-up).



  1. Inspect the condition of pulleys and/or belts.
  2. Inspect moving parts and lubricate (e.g. bearings, gear reducer box).
  3. Inspect and clean nozzles as needed.
  4. Measure power consumption in each component.



  1. Inspect fan blades for cracks and clean as needed.
  2. Inspect strainer (e.g. clean, replace).
  3. Inspect gear reducer (e.g. change lubricant, clean sight glass, shaft thrust).
  4. Inspect tower hot- and cold deck (e.g. power wash, check corrosion/rust).
  5. Inspect tower fill (e.g. power wash, scale remover).
  6. Inspect fan motor (e.g. temperature check, vibration, noise, power consumption).
  7. Inspect motor windings (e.g. Meg-Ohm test).
  8. Inspect vibration safety device.