Service Catalogue

The organization should maintain a service catalogue. The organization can have an organization wide service catalogue, applicable for all its customers, or a service catalogue for specific customers.

The service catalogue should list both standard and optional services. Optionally, the organization can indicate whether it is willing to provide additional services over and above the standard and optional services. However, care should be taken to ensure that other optional services do not create a negative impact on the already established or committed operational services. Such services requests must be validated as per the requirements of the capability assessment as described in section 10.2.

The organization should add such additional services requested as a new standard offering to its service portfolio with an indication whether this is a generic offering or a specific offering for a defined service catalogue.

The service catalogue should describe at least:

1) Unique identifier of the service (e.g. part number, name of service etc.).
2) Description of the service should include at a minimum:

a) Description of the service to be delivered.
b) Limitations/exclusions/prerequisites/dependencies.
c) Lead-time required for service activation.
d) Categorization (if applicable).
e) Service hours and exceptions.
f) Availability requirements.
g) Security arrangements.
h) Who is entitled to request/view/use the service?

3) Support:

a) Response times to incidents.
b) Escalation and contact points.
c) Cost, labor rates, standard business and out of office hours etc.
d) Process for how to request the service.