EPI: Company Profile

EPI® (Enterprise Products Integration Pte. Ltd.) offers an extensive range of data center services includes services such as, data center consulting, design evaluation, design validation, surveys, assessments, audits and certification based on standards such as SS507, ANSI/TIA-942, DCOS© and other relevant international data center standards.

EPI® also offers a wide range of globally accredited certified data center training programs such as, CDCP®, CDCS®, CDCE®, CTDC®, CTIA®, CTEA®, CTLA® CDMS®, CDFOM®, CDFOS® CITO®, CITM®, CITD®, CDRP® and CNCDP® which enable organizations to educate and align their staff on data center design principles, data center efficiency, green data center principles, data center management, data center operations management, security management, disaster recovery management. All courses are accredited by EXIN®.