General facility


  1. Perform regular janitorial service within the building (e.g. washrooms, floors).



  1. Perform outdoor cleaning (e.g. carpark, driveway).
  2. Check general lighting.
  3. Landscaping.



  1. Pest control.
  2. Inspect for water leakage, moist and dew (e.g. roof, windows, walls, water fixtures).



  1. Inspect general structural fitness.
  2. Inspect physical protection measures (e.g. boom barriers, fencing, walls).
  3. Inspect and lubricate all moving parts (e.g. door and window hinges, shutters).
  4. Inspect and trim all doors and windows for proper alignment, closure and insulation.
  5. Inspect staircases and balustrades.
  6. Inspect for general condition of walls, floors and ceiling (e.g. paint, carpeting, cracks).
  7. Inspect surrounding areas (e.g. driveways, landscaping, parking).
  8. Inspect signage.