Shift Handover

The goal of shift handover is the accurate, complete and reliable communication of taskrelevant information across shift changes, thereby ensuring continuity of safe and effective working of data center staff.

Sufficient time should be allocated to facilitate a structured shift handover between the incoming and outgoing staff.

Shift handover should be one-on-one and free from distractions.

The organization should create and maintain a structured shift handover checklist and log which clearly indicate what should be checked and reported. The structured shift handover log should record and address at a minimum the following:

1) Safety events.
2) Security events.
3) (Major) Maintenance and operational events.
4) Actions taken during shift.
5) Routine duties completed and scheduled.
6) Work outstanding/in progress/scheduled including relevant PTWs.
7) Defined equipment status including key parameters.

a. High-level power consumption
b. Temperature/humidity/water/airflow values
c. Alarm conditions
d. PUE
e. WUE

8) List of current personnel/vendors/customers working in the facilities.
9) Key tools and inventory check (e.g. multi-meters, power tools, etc.)
10) Personnel issues.
11) Environmental matters.
12) External events.
13) General comments/remarks.
14) Signatures of outgoing and incoming shift supervisor(s).