CCTV system


  1. Inspect picture quality of all cameras.
  2. Inspect error log.
  3. Inspect video recording device (e.g. quality of image, free space, environmental conditions).



  1. Inspect camera field of view coverage.
  2. Inspect quality of recording and backups.
  3. Inspect pan, tilt and zoom function.
  4. Inspect motion detection sensitivity.
  5. Inspect time synchronization.
  6. Review logical access and privileged user permissions.



  1. Inspect and clean cameras where needed.
  2. Inspect and clean recording device.
  3. Inspect camera wiring.



  1. Inspect physical fixings.
  2. Inspect connections electrical connections to recording equipment.
  3. Inspect monitors (e.g. picture burn-in, distortion).
  4. Inspect labels and signage.