Static UPS


  1. Inspect cleanliness.
  2. Inspect UPS and battery monitoring alarm panel for alarm.
  3. Inspect temperature, abnormal noises and vibration (whilst adhering to safety requirements).



  1. Inspect battery (e.g. leakage, bloating, voltage).
  2. Investigate sources of noise.



  1. Inspect fans and filters.
  2. Inspect indicator lights and displays.
  3. Inspect safety covers (e.g. EPO button cover).
  4. Inspect capacitors.
  5. Inspect batteries and battery monitoring system.
  6. Inspect physical wiring and connectors for damage, discoloration or signs of overheating.



  1. Thermographic scanning.
  2. Inspect transfer capabilities (e.g. static bypass, maintenance bypass).
  3. Inspect and calibrate meters and logic board measurements.
  4. Inspect DC parameters (e.g. charging current, voltage, ripple).
  5. Inspect alarm contacts.
  6. Inspect all battery connections.
  7. Inspect all terminal connections.
  8. Inspect paralleling functionality and communication integrity.