1. Inspect all equipment to be operating and safety systems are in place.
  2. Inspect set points.
  3. Inspect control and alarm panels.
  4. Inspect water supply, return and flow readings.
  5. Inspect abnormal noises and vibration (whilst adhering to safety requirements).
  6. Compressor oil level (technology depending) and oil leakage.



  1. Inspect and clean evaporator and condenser.
  2. Inspect motors and pumps (e.g. noise, vibration, power consumption).
  3. Inspect water quality.
  4. Inspect insulation.
  5. Inspect pipes, valves, connections (e.g. leaks).
  6. Inspect control operation (e.g. hot gas bypass, liquid injection).
  7. Compressor oil level (technology depending).
  8. Measure power consumption in each component (e.g. compressors, fan motors).



  1. Inspect condenser tubes (e.g. Eddy current test, cleaning).
  2. Inspect evaporator tubes (e.g. Eddy current test, cleaning).
  3. Inspect compressor (e.g. seals, oil, heater).
  4. Inspect electrical system (e.g. connections, wiring).
  5. Inspect alarm contacts.
  6. Inspect refrigeration (e.g. levels, quality).