Job Descriptions

All staff of the organization should have an up-to-date job description. The job description should have at least the following descriptions:

1) Job title.
2) Job summary.
3) Reporting structure.
4) Job requirements:

a) Skills.
b) Knowledge.
c) Attitude.
d) Work experience.
e) Education/certifications.

5) Working conditions/environment:

a) Terms of employment (e.g. full-time, part-time)
b) Working hours.
c) Physical conditions which may be unpleasant/hazardous.
d) Location(s) of work.

6) Career development.

For managerial positions, the job description documentation should be extended to include at least the following:

1) Supervisory responsibilities.
2) Fiscal responsibilities.
3) Level of authority.

Job descriptions should be reviewed on a regular planned basis.


Supporting documents