Service Reporting

Timely and accurate reporting will help both the organization as well as its customers to make well informed and timely decisions. The organization should deliver service reports to the customer as per the agreed description in the SLAs. The description for the service reporting within the SLAs should at a minimum indicate:

1) Format of the report.
2) Dates/schedule of submission.
3) Contact persons.
4) Originator.
5) Recipient(s).
6) Time for customer to provide feedback.
7) Retention time (time for records to be kept).
8) Data set/points to be used.
9) Service level violations.
10) Number of incidents at defined severity levels with duration.
11) Change in number of incidents since last reporting period.

The service report should make it easy to understand where actual SLA violations occurred.

These violations should be adequately dealt with through the problem management process.