Facilities Monitoring Matrix

The organization should create a facilities monitoring matrix. This matrix should list each and every piece of equipment that is part of the data center facilities infrastructure. This includes equipment such as generators, UPS systems as well as equipment related to safety e.g. fire detection panel etc.

The facilities equipment list could be maintained in common types of accessible files or could be configuration files maintained in infrastructure monitoring systems. The organization should maintain an up-to-date backup of the matrix.


Monitoring points

The facilities monitoring matrix should detail for each piece of equipment which points are monitored. The organization should have a justification document defining what is required to be monitored and why. For each point, the matrix should at a minimum indicate the following:

  1. Unique name of the monitoring point.
  2. Type of monitoring point (e.g. ON/OFF, analogue) low-level and high-level interface.
  3. For ON/OFF monitoring points, an indication of type NO/NC (Normally Open/Normally Closed).
  4. For analogue monitoring points, the range measured (e.g. 20 – 90% RH).
  5. Dependencies on other alarms.