Release/deployment Management

Release/deployment of changed and/or new capacity and/or functionality should be carefully introduced into the data center environment to ensure that it does not negatively impact the existing operations. The organization should have policies and process in place addressing at least the following steps:

  1. Acquire systems, components, firmware etc.
  2. Test systems and components.
  3. Build solution.
  4. Test solution.
  5. Deploy solution.
  6. Provide early life monitoring and support.
  7. Review, lessons learned and close project.

It should be understood that some of the steps listed above might not always be practical to be fully executed and alternatives might need to be considered.


Testing of data center equipment and facilities (IET, IPVT)

Data centers should have policies and procedures outlining how (regular) tests are conducted as part of the change management process (where appropriate) and equipment life cycle planning as described in section 16.13 Equipment Li.