Complaint Procedure

The organization should have a formal complaint procedure. The complaint procedures should cover at a minimum the following:

1) Clear definition of what constitutes a complaint.
2) Point of contact for submitting complaints.
3) Restrictions, if any, on who is allowed to file a complaint.
4) Submission format of the complaint (where applicable/feasible).
5) Description on how a complaint will be recorded, investigated, actioned, reported and formally closed.
6) Time deadlines for various levels of actions (e.g. Key Performance Indicators)
7) Escalation procedures and contacts.

Consideration should be given to accommodate customized complaint procedures for selected customers.

For active complaints, actions should be taken within the timeframes described and where resolution deadlines are exceeded the escalation procedures should be followed. Upon closure of the complaint, a review should be conducted.

The organization should review both active and closed complaints. Trend analysis for closed complaints should be performed on a regular basis. Reviews and trend analysis should serve as input to the proactive problem management process to ensure that, where appropriate, service improvements could be proposed.