Appropriate maintenance is of fundamental importance to a well-managed data center. The following information provides guidance for maintenance considerations and schedules. It is by no means an all-inclusive and/or fixed schedule recommendation as maintenance activities and schedules very much depend on the type of equipment, its usage, its critical environment it’s exposed to, risk appetite amongst many other factors to consider when setting up a maintenance service schedule. Inspections and time interval may vary per organisation, please consult local and national regulations and discuss with your equipment manufacturer and maintenance service provider the best possible maintenance service plan and schedule.

The term ‘inspect’ is used in a broad sense and encompasses check, test, verify, measure etc. This also includes integration tests such as failover tests as and where needed. It also includes follow-up actions such as rectification of any issue found, recording of the inspections/maintenance and other actions required to complete the maintenance cycle.

Where measurements need to be taken, they can be done so manually on a regular basis or be fully automated by using monitoring systems.

At all times, inspections and maintenance should be performed by qualified, and where required, certified personnel.