Operations Meetings

The organization should hold regular planned operations meetings. The operations meeting should address current and short-term workflows of the organization. The operations meetings should address (critical) issues that can affect service levels committed to in SLAs as well as operational efficiency and efficacy as described in the KPIs of the organization and in line with industry best practices.

The operations meeting should also, at a minimum, address;

  1. Planned activities such as upcoming maintenance, customer changes etc.
  2. Resource planning and scheduling (e.g. capacity planning).
  3. Safety and security.
  4. Issues and risks.
  5. Other operations factors critical to the organization.

Each meeting should be supported by a meeting agenda, meeting minutes and an attendance list. Meeting minutes should, at a minimum, include the following:

  1. Meeting title.
  2. Meeting attendees.
  3. Agenda topics.
  4. Action items, target dates/deadlines and staff member responsible.

Meetings should be based on face-to-face either in a physical, virtual or hybrid setting.