Power distribution (switchgear, ATS, electrical boards, PDU)


  1. Inspect cleanliness.
  2. Inspect indicator lights and displays.



  1. Inspect ground connections.
  2. Inspect labels and signage.
  3. Inspect integrity of covers and locks.
  4. Inspect interlocking.
  5. Inspect meters, CB/CTs.



  1. Inspect integrity of all enclosures (e.g. door alignment, seals/gasket).
  2. Inspect for debris/dust.
  3. Inspect heater elements.
  4. Inspect insulation.
  5. Inspect terminal connections.
  6. Inspect cables and bus bars (e.g. damage, fixing).
  7. Thermographic scanning all contacts and terminals (e.g. ATS, PDU, STS).
  8. Inspect and lubricate moving parts where required.
  9. Inspect breaker vacuum integrity.
  10. Inspect physical state of breakers (e.g. cracks in housing).
  11. Inspect relay timings and settings.
  12. Inspect contact resistance.
  13. Inspect ground impedance.
  14. Inspect and calibrate meters.