Maintenance Operations Procedures (MOP)

The organization should create and maintain appropriate maintenance operations procedures.

The format of the MOP should confirm to document management policies and procedures, use consistent terminology within the MOP (as well as other documents of the organization) and should be concise and clearly written.

Any MOP should meet, but not be limited to, the following requirements:

  1. Impact on the critical facilities.
  2. Risk and assumptions.
  3. Describe/define health and safety warnings.
  4. Safety requirements and usage of PPE (where applicable) to perform the MOP.
  5. Include illustrations where possible.
  6. Should include reference to other documents (e.g. equipment manufacturers’ documentation).
  7. Approvals required (if applicable).
  8. Define the scope and applicability.
  9. Describe the methodology and procedures.
  10. Describe check point and fall-back procedures.
  11. Indicate, where applicable, anticipated duration of each step.
  12. List equipment and supplies required.
  13. Location of equipment.
  14. List cautions and interferences.
  15. List reporting requirements (service reports).
  16. List communication paths (e.g. technical, escalation) including communication method details.
  17. Version controlled using document management policies and procedures.

A MOP should also include, where applicable, reference to other documents that are relevant to the execution of the tasks/activities covered within it. For example, the instructions/steps of an external process (e.g. LOTO), prior to the execution of this MOP, should be referenced.