Indoor air-conditioning units (HVAC/CRAC/CRAU/CRAH/PAC)


  1. Inspect temperature and humidity set points.
  2. Inspect obstructions on both inlet and outlet.
  3. Inspect abnormal noises and vibration (whilst adhering to safety requirements).



  1. Inspect fan assemblies (e.g. vibration, power consumption, noise, cleanliness).
  2. Inspect for contamination (e.g. dust, debris, dirt, leakage).
  3. Inspect chilled water supply (e.g. temperatures, flow rates).



  1. Inspect/replace filters.
  2. Inspect coil for damage, leakage and corrosion.
  3. Inspect drain pan cleanliness and adequate drainage of condensation water.
  4. Inspect humidification system (e.g. cleanliness, free flow of steam).
  5. Inspect all moving parts for wear and tear, lubricate where required.
  6. Inspect fan belts (where applicable) (e.g. wear and tear, tightness).
  7. Inspect refrigerant system (e.g. pipe, insulation, levels).
  8. Inspect connections to fire safety systems.
  9. Inspect electrical parameters (e.g. voltage, current, harmonics, power factor).



  1. Inspect pipes (e.g. water pipes, valves, refrigerant, insulation, drain).
  2. Inspect damper settings.
  3. Inspect sensors (e.g. calibrate).
  4. Inspect electrical system (e.g. wiring, insulation, connections, labeling).